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7 Must-Do Things to Do for a Great Lawn This Spring

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Getting your lawn back into shape after a cold winter can be somewhat challenging. There are a number of tasks you should perform such as aerating and seeding. It’s probably a good idea to start early.

First of all, in order to get great looking grass, you need good soil. Your soil should neither be acidic not alkaline. It’s a good idea to stop into our store and pick up a soil tester.

Dead grass & lawn clippings can accumulate and caught matted down into thatch. If more than a half inch of thatch gets clogged, it could prevent moisture and nutrients from reaching the soil. It can also promote fungal growth. You can dethatch a lawn with a dethatch rake.

Be sure to remove dead plants and debris accumulated in your gardens. Also prune your trees and shrubs too.

High trafficked areas of lawns can get compacted and hurt grass roots. To alleviate compaction, aeration – either manual or mechanical- is necessary.

Want a weed-free lawn? Your best bet is a preventive treatment. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide early to fight weeds before they even sprout.

Look for any bare patches of ground and plant grass seeds. Planting grass in the spring requires a lot of watering and weeding during the hot summer months, so reseed in moderation. Don’t forget that, once fall comes, you’ll most likely have to seed again.

Check your outdoor equipment before lawn season to make sure they are running properly. Perform basic maintenance now. Sharpen blades, change the oil, replace the air filter, and take your machine for a professional tune-up, if necessary.

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