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Lawn & Garden


Oakland Ace Hardware is your one stop shop for all things Lawn and Garden! Through each and every seasobn we’ve got what you need to impress with the best products and solutions. Some of our featured products include the Scotts Four Step Fertilizer Program, ready to replish your lawn in four easy steps, Valfei 3 CF Natural Cedar Mulch, to make your yard ready for entertaining, and Black Beauty Grass Seed, the right way to start your lawn. We’ve got grass seed, weed control, mulch options, rodent repellent, top and potting soil, manure products, and insect control.  Ace is the place to keep your landscape lush and alive, just a few minutes away from home!


The Scott’s 4 step lawn fertilizer program is available at Oakland Ace Hardware! This exclusive program can not be found at big box stores, so come and get it! The steps are broken down by intended affect and time of year. Step 1, meant to be applied around St.Patricks’ Day, is a Crabgrass preventer. Step 2, to be applied around Memorial Day, is a weed control product bundled with lawn food. Step 3, which is applied around Independence Day, is a Lawn Food with 2% iron contents. Finally, Step 4, applied around Labor Day, is a Fall Lawn Food targeted product to ensure a luscious yard come Spring. Healthy lawns are better protected from heat, drought, and disease, creating the lawn you’ve always dreamed of having. 








As a alternative to Scotts 4 step, Jonathon Greene offers fertilizer products at Oakland Ace Hardware. All of your lawn care needs can be met by their plentiful fertilizer options. Veri-Green targets dull lawns using slow release Nitrogen technology to ensure the longevity of healthy looking, green lawns. MAG-I-CAL Plus is a natural soil food for acidic and hard soil lawns, which intends to rapidly raise pH levels. Finally, Winter Survival rounds out our most popular Jonathon Green products. Winter Survival is a potassium rich soil that promotes deep root growth over prolonged winter months. 



Whether is Scotts or Jonathon Greene, we’ve got you covered. Our associates have years of experience to help diagnose and fix issues and problems that arise from lawns. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop by! 



We want you to be proud of your entire lawn! From lawns to patios to walkways, don’t let weeds get into the way! Liquid weed killers are effective means of stopping weed growth at the root. Our featured weed control products include RoundUp products, that target the roots of weeds to stop their growth for up to 4 months, and Ortho Ground Clear, that prevents regrowth for up to 1 year after application. 










Oakland Ace provides customers and professionals with high quality grass seed for every seeding need. Jonathon Greene and Scotts products continue to be fan favorites, taking up much of our shelves. Jonathon Greene’s leading product is Black Beauty grass seed that can grow roots up to 4 ft deep, keeping your lawn drought resistant and full. Scotts produces various grass seeds, at different price points, to provide customers of all kinds oppportunities for a prideful lawn. 


For your lawn maintence needs, don’t forget to check out our assortment of rototillers, hedge trimmers, and string trimmers made by STIHL. You can also get battery items made by Ego, ready to help you with everything you need! 




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