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Is Your Home Really Prepared for Winter Storms?

house in winter

Many homeowners overlook one of the most important things to prepare for winter – unexpected winter storms like the few we’ve had already. Make sure you take the following into consideration and ensure your home is both warm and safe.

Tips to Winterize and Protect Your Home

Here are 10 easy steps that can ease or prevent big problems this winter while creating a safer home environment during emergencies:

1. Install weather stripping.
2. Have your furnace/heating system serviced at the beginning of each season to ensure it runs properly, and have the filters changed.
3. Move furniture away from vents.
4. Add adequate supplies of storm supplies: rock salt, ice melters and sand to help melt ice on walkways, snow shovels, de-icers and lock de-icers, and hand warmers. Right now there’s plenty in stock but supplies diminish when storms occur. Get yourself a roof rake to remove snow from your roof and prevent ice dams.
5. Clean our gutters of debris or install roof-heating cables to prevent ice dams on roofs and gutters.
6. Insulate pipes.
7. Place a cover over attic stairs.
8. Insulate outlets with gasket covers.
9. Invest in a portable generator, such as those from Generac, that provides temporary power for heat and electricity when there is a power outage.
10. If you have extra money in your budget, go for attic insulation, which can save as much as 30 percent on heating costs.

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