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Wake Up Your Lawn with These Tips for Spring

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Spring lawn care is a lot less time intensive than lawn care during autumn. If you properly prepared your grass in late fall, there should be very little for you to do in springtime.

Most importantly, your landscape should have plenty of opportunity to gently come back to life during the spring months. Properly done, the sun and soil will do most of the work for you.

The best time to prep your grass is in the late fall just before it goes dormant for the winter. If you treated your grass properly during the fall, it has had all winter to germinate and prepare itself to grow vigorously as soon as the temperatures begin to rise. If you didn’t take proper care of your lawn in the fall, however, you will have more work to do when spring arrives.

There are times you don’t have any control over how the grass was treated the previous fall. Therefore it is best to treat your lawn as if it received no winter preparation at all.

Sure you want to get out the garden tools and attack your yard just as soon as possible once the warm weather arrives. But be patient. Let your grass wake itself up gradually. If you spend too much time on your lawn before it is fully green, you run the risk of compacting the grass or killing new shoots before they have a chance to mature. Wait until your lawn has turned mostly green before you begin mowing or aerating in the spring.

Remember, at Oakland Hardware, our staff is quite knowledegable when it comes to caring for your landscape. Sure everyone wants to have the best grass on the block. Well, we can help you get there!

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